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About Us 

K.N.Sathyapalan Memorial S.N. Central School is situated at Kadaikkodu, a beautiful hill side; the place suited for an ideal institution just a 15 minutes drive from Kottarakkara and also from Ezhukone. It was a long cherished ambition of the late Shri. K.N.Sathyapalan to start a superior educational institution at Kadaikkodu to imbibe and inspire all what is latest, best and ideal in education. Our guiding light is "Sree Narayana Guru" and the regulation of his noble ideal. 
"Achieve Freedom Through Education" Our students learn from experienced, dedicated and enormously talented faculties and staffs, who challenge, encourage and nurture. The school looks to develop students who seek knowledge and understanding of their world, as lifelong learners and take an active interact in events, knowing themselves to be the agents of change-individuals who exhibit integrity in thought and conduct, understanding that each is accountable for one's action. The school not only embraces all that is good, great and desirable in western educational practice, but also incalculates in the young all that is best in the Indian tradition with special emphasis on the great concepts of secularism and social equality reached by his holiness Sree Narayana Guru i.e., "One Caste, One Religion, One God for Man". By preparing or students for university and as responsible global citizen through an enlightened programme of continuous institutional improvement, KN Sathyapalan Memorial S N Central School will set a benchmark for excellence. In this age of globalization, liberalisation and computerisation education is greatly influenced by changes. The teacher is no more the sole authority of knowledge. The School is committed to give students the tools to enable them to think seriously and creatively by providing an academic foundation in the arts , humanities, sciences and physical education. 
We are sure that the discipline and values imbibed by our students from this great institution would help them to be proud citizens of India in the future. By the grace of Guru, may the darkness of ignorance be dispelled, enable our children to lead our country and the world at large to new heights and vistas.